Saturday, July 1, 2017

How To Detect and Take Good Care of Your Sick Kids This Season

Image result for sick black babyOne of the greatest responsibilities of a mom is taking care, and I mean taking a very good care of the family. Having a man beside you relieves the stress of having to take care of the kids alone. However, if you happen to be a single mom and you have to manage your time between work and your kids, then you might understand that taking care of a sick kid is a very tasking and tiring job to do.

Your kid may not be so sure about how he/she is currently feeling when sick since he/she has limited experience. The kid can only provide with one or two hints on what he feels and this might just be a regular. Therefore, it is shouldered to a supermom to decipher what is actually wrong and these tips will be helpful in finding out what is basically wrong.

Check for a Fever but don’t fear It
From cold, viral infections or reaction to a vaccine, fever among kids can be caused by just anything. It shouldn’t be overlooked and therefore, moms should take this into consideration. Any temperature above 100 degrees amongst kids is burning and should be given proper attention as soon as possible.
Treat Colds
It is majorly important for you to know that after self diagnosing cold, you should understand that treating the cold is very much important as detecting it. I personally advice you seek the attention of your specialist for possible cure to the cold.

Be Careful with Self-Medication
Image result for sick black babyBefore you reach for any over-the-counter-medications, be extremely careful of type and dose, especially with younger children. "I don't recommend any cough or cold medicines for children under 6 years of age, as there simply isn't data that they do any good to help children recovering from mild upper-respiratory infections," says Swanson. Always be cautious, and check a dosing chart before administering any medication.

Be aware of unusual behavior. 
Most sickness will just be a minor speed bump for your baby, but there are symptoms that should raise an eyebrow. "Super Moms should really trust their instincts and notice big changes in crying, sleeping, and temperament may mean your child feels unwell".

The truth is don't wait too long if you feel something is truly not normal. "If your kid just isn't herself for a day, you may want to check in with the pediatrician or nurse," Swanson says. "They can often help triage any concerns you have."

Call the pediatrician. 
Although I will personally advice that you should be cautious with symptoms. However, don't live in constant fear of the worst. If it looks like a cold, it's probably a cold. Just call your kid's doctor for advice on how to deal with it, and ease your mind.



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