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Sunday, May 21, 2017

100 Reasons Why You Should Stay Out Of Lagos

Lagos, City of Drones

Apparently I wrote that I will be giving you a hundred reasons why you need to stay out of Lagos. Yeah I mean it as much as I mean the truth that Lag0s is one of the best states you need to be in Nigeria. But then just like every other things in life. We have the very positive sides and the otherwise to every choice we make.

Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Common Everyday Things That Are Destroying Your Teeth, Most Nigerians Are Guilty Of No. 1

We all want to be healthy but sometimes, our lifestyle and habits are doing more harm to us than good. Take, for example, our teeth. A lot of people hardly ever visit dentists and some people put things in their mouth that end up ruining their teeth. You should know these five things that destroy your teeth so that you can avoid them, or at least, cut down to a minimum.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Image result for vocational skills
The Mariam Webster Dictionary, on the one hand, defines Education as, " a field of study that deals with the methods and problems of teaching. Moreover, Vocation on the contrary as "a strong desire to spend your life doing a certain kind of work." Education and vocational training in an underdeveloping country are very essential because of the level of unemployment in the country.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Image result for images of unwanted pregnancy
Pregnancy happens when a man’s sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg, which can happen even if you’ve not had sexual intercourse (penetration).

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Perry Brimah a Popular columnist and convener of ‘Every Nigerian Do Something,’ has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari needs rest as he is “Chronically ill”.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ENTREPRENEURS: 14 Top Lucrative Farming Ventures in Nigeria In Order of Significance

Image result for Agriculture
Note: Before Anything in farming, just be sure to Put in place security provisions on your farmland as top priority for the safety of lives and property before anything else so that you don't toil or labour in vain. To achieve this feat, you can employ the service of community or trusted security persons or the service of ferocious and unfriendly foreign breed guard dogs as such as Pit bulls, Rottweiler, boerboel, German Shepherd, Russian Huskey, or Caucasian. For me I am most comfortable with the use of Ferocious Guard dogs on crop farm with a dog keeper on sight with someone on site to manage the dogs.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


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The muse to pen this down really arose because I found myself laughing and crying at the same time. You wouldn't believe how very true this could, I never did too until I found myself in this sporadic state. What then could have caused this?? It’s the dramatic politicking we have chosen to play.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Image result for Message of Hope
As I sit solemnly in my chair of wood and my bottom aches due to the long hours I have spent trying to learn a thing or two from my most trusted partner and friend, my Hp laptop, I paused after a long while and as I closed my eyes from reality. My mind took me back to when I was barely a boy.

Like every other kid in this part of the world, I had dreams and aspiration. My cloud mind flashed me a picture of passenger drones flying in Dubai, one that I read in the news a few weeks ago. I quickly remembered how I wanted to be a Pilot. I wanted to see the world as I was a kid with less fright. I recollect that I had just two options then, and that was to either be a Pilot or a doctor.

It's a scary game of life you'll admit, and soon I had to let go off being a Pilot, life started getting scary, and by the time I finished secondary education, I had hated the smell of medicine, and all I had in my head was words and voices constantly speaking.

I thought I lost it, I couldn't be a doctor, neither did I ever try to fly anything apart from paper planes and kites. I couldn't even become an engineer for my dad. It dawn on me, I had become a disappointment but not necessarily a failure.

While I had these thoughts flowing through my mind, I thought about everything we were told in primaries. We are the leaders of tomorrow, ain't we!!!
A majority of us have lost it and yes we complain too much, the economy is bad, I am not fortunate to belong to the family of a wealthy antecedent, blah blah blah... and so we settle for ludicrous acts and limit ourselves in relations to the societal phenomena problems surrounding us. We have suddenly given up on our aspiration. To some extent, I will say we are right as the system was BALD by default.

Too much emphasis is laid on academic performance that we forget what we had achieved even without the knowledge of further maths or physic (ask Azikwe). The system is bald, and then I thought what can the righteous do (US)

Now I challenge you, do you think there is nothing the US can do in this case?
Do you say it is entirely lost for us as individuals and a country at large?
Guess what!!! It's a NO

Very well, I believe if you have stumbled upon this message of hope, it means that you are learned and can think for yourself. Do you still think your future is no more in your hands, of course, it is.
Does it look blur, it might, but I tell it's better than vanished.

Take a look at yourself, do you think you've come this far to be like this. I know right, you weren't that bright in school, but you manage to badge a Bachelor's degree. Are you a degree holder.
Where's is your sense of accountability.
"Have you lost your philosophic and logical reasoning in turning things around
Have you forgotten the laws of demand and supply and give in yourself to diminishing returns
Have you lost your grammatical prowess in talking words to existence
If no... Then why you complaining when you have all the potentials in the world to turn tables and leave a print on History".
Oh, I see, you still think that hanging on to a suit and tie is the only way out or best join the leagues and legions of desperate men fending off some other people's wealth through ludicrous means.
Wake up, my dear... Greatness awaits you
I said to myself someday I will write the president speech, to me that's maybe one of the greatest feats I dream of and hope to achieve as the voices in my head is ever increasing...
What about you... Someone ones told me the hardest job a man can have is to think... Think this through
Remember Progress is the only true option for you and I...
I hope this have a meaningful meaning to you

Shojobi Solomon I.
Farmer, Writer, Blogger and Graphics Designer

Xenophobia Amongst Africans "A rather Unpleasant Route To a Greater Continent" - A.R Aina

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Xenophobia is the fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions if an ingroup towards an Outgroup, including a fear if losing identity, suspicion of its activities, aggression, and desire to eliminate its presence to secure a presumed purity.  
The term Xenophobia and racism are sometimes confused and used interchangeably because people who share a national origin also belong to the same race.    Xenophobia is a political term and not a  recognised medical phobia.                              
 An early example of Xenophobic sentiment in western culture is the Ancient Greek denigration of foreigner as "barbarians", belief that the Greek people and culture were superior to those of others, and the subsequent conclusion that barbarians were naturally meant to be enslaved.                          
Before 1994, Immigrants from elsewhere faced discrimination and even violence in South Africa. Africa democratisation in 1994, contrary to expectations, the incidence of xenophobia increased.                                         
Between 2000 and March 2008, at least 67 people died in what we identified as xenophobic attacks. In May 2008, a series of attack left 62 people dead; although 21of them were South African citizens, Xenophobia apparently motivated the attacks. In 2015, another nationwide spike in a xenophobic attack against immigrant, in general, prompted many of the foreign government to begin repatriating their citizens.                                
Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe said, "It is only in South Africa an illiterate thinks a medical doctor from neighbouring countries happens to be the cause if his or her unemployment ".                                                     
Zwelithini is the traditional leader of South Africa's largest ethnic group, and he holds no official role in South Africa politics, but still holds sway with many people and has being recognised as the pioneer of xenophobia lately.                                                                       
An attack on Nigerians and other African countries seems absurd and unforgivable. The first democratically elected president if South Africa sees Nigeria is the mother if other African countries and never doubted the fact that it was called "The Giant of Africa" based on the fact that she spent millions of dollars as stated by former President Olusegun Obasanjo during the Apartheid Policy implementation in South Africa.  
In conclusion, a Xenophobic attack should be stopped and eradicated from the region if Africa and the world as a whole because, irrespective of our colour and historical background... I still do believe we are one.            
Aina Abiodun Razak                                              

Graduate History and Diplomatic Studies

Sustainance of Democracy and its Practise in Nigeria - Mr. A.R Aina

Image result for Nigerian flag
Nigeria is a federal republic with a presidential system. The constitution provides for separation of powers among the three branches of government. General elections held in February 1999 marked the end of 15 years of military rule and beginning of civilian rule based on a multi-party democracy.
The future of Nigerian politics lies in tolerating own governance. Failure of elections conducted by the civilian government in 1965 and 1983 brought about the Military Intervention.                                    
With a restoration of democracy, Nigerians are very much determined to sustain it and make the future generation proud to be a part of this great nation. Since the return of democracy in Nigeria, there has been a consistent and gradual change in the political arena.                                                                      Three political parties participated in the election that was held in 1999 (AD, PDP and ANPP). But there was a tremendous increase in 2003, and 25 new political parties came into existence and were registered by the National Electoral Body. This increase the total number of political parties to 28 and they all participated in 2003 general election. PDP and former President Olusegun Obasanjo emerged at both the 1999 and 2003 General Elections.                                                              
In 2007, there was another general election with 18 political parties, and this also led to victory for PDP for the third tine in a role, and they were in power for another four years in which late Alh. Umar Musa Yar 'Adua was elected. Although He passed on while in authority, the party retained ownership of the presidency.                                                              The firm hold of the PDP played out yet again for the fourth time, and they did emerge again in the 2011 general election where Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was elected. There were about 21 registered political parties during the election.                                              
However, the opposition was gaining ground and become a force to be reckoned with. There was a defeat of the incumbent in the 2015 general elections, and this brought into power the All Progressive Congress (APC) where the former head of state; General Muhammed Buhari was elected.                  
Nigeria has proven that it can sustain democracy and the people are ready to do what it takes to make it happen despite series of challenges accumulated to it such as Corruption, Money laundry, Incessant Kidnapping, Terrorism, etc.
Aina Abiodun Razak. Aka Harbeylinho              
Graduate, History and Diplomatic Studies
Olabisi Onabanjo University

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Taking A Chill Pill Before Saying Yes I Do - TOBBIE

Theplaceng presents to you one of our friends and partner as he will anchor us every Saturday night on issues that are related to Love, Relationships and Dating at large. He is a huge expert in this aspect, although yet unmarried, He's gotten all the experience as a PlayBoy, Lover and a possible husband prospects. Join us every Saturday night with #TOBBIE as he takes us on journeys of love and advices. Thanks - Editor

Sunday, February 26, 2017


 Image result for economic trend
The future seems dazzling growing up from childhood. I could recall my best days during childhood wasn’t my birthdays, but the fateful day, I used to be called upon the podium to receive the reward of my steadfastness with academics.
I have aced all core subjects, and the pronouncement of my name to receive prizes once will not suffice until Parents were taken aback, found astonished and couldn’t help than either give a standing ovation or complain bitterly, usually with the sentence: “Is He the only one.” You, Yeah, You, my esteemed reader will subscribe to this fact even with better tales to commemorate. 

We wanted to be just exactly like great and amazing personalities who reaped their kin interest and incomparable affection for books. It was then more like, go to the four walls of the school, be amongst the forerunners and then there you are, in abundant wealth. This legitimate basis is the main reason I will not castigate authors of articles and short write ups I read on social media, discerningly condemning academic pursuits.

Dear Students, whether undergraduate, Postgraduate or Professional, please do have a paradigm shift, ignore the conception youths of nowadays have developed and which has since pushed them into immoral and illicit acts, all of which we may exhaust the whole day trying to list. I just found an antidote to our misconception, “Economics of Success’.

The concept of Economics of Success not only works for Academic achievement and success but also can be adopted in all success-demanding endeavors.
The biggest problem that gave rise to the concept of Economics of Success is Scarcity. Scarcity as in the standard economics perception is the limited resources that satisfy various wants of man. Resources to compensate academic success is so scarce and why students feel so disdained, frustrated and mischievous when at the completion of school programs, they are unemployed for a very extended period or that they get ridiculous pay-slips that do not commensurate the efforts they had given to academics.

Here is the solution, please proffer answers to the questions; What is Success to me? How can I achieve Success?? For whom is Success necessary??

The Question of what is success tackles the Problem of Identifying and determining success. This is the bedrock upon which the all wanted Success can be pursued. It is often believed that once you can recognize your limitations or problems, they are half-solved already. What success means to me then depends on my perception of life, on my core competencies, on my strategic capabilities amongst others. 

Take this as an exercise, Please, close your eyes for few minutes and have an insight of how you want your success to be. Should I disclose what I got?? I could see myself sitting on the very high table (looks like the boardroom, also sounds like a professional conference and seminar) where the master of ceremony almost got fed-up with the level of accolades and warmth applause that I got while the MC was reading my profile. My dear is this what you got too?? Yours could be on the pitch you know?? Yours can even be with the future’s Olamide (Badoo). Congratulations, you have just crossed the first hurdle, relax and go to the next paragraph.

How do I achieve success answers the problem of What Strategy do I adopt to achieve Success? Esteemed readers, it is about finding the means to achieve the ends. For someone like me, that desire to be a boardroom expert, business solution provider, a well-celebrated accountant and a rich cum generous and practicing Muslim, all I need to do is to design standards to achieve this end (Scale of Preferences) from inception. 

There is need to start advocating this to new Tertiary institution entrants; School isn’t about making good grades alone. Of course making good grades might be a sufficient basis to attaining your set dreams in your case as in mine. You need to fathom out schemes on how to attain Success from Childhood and make moves towards aggressively accomplishing them (Choice). A thorough grasp into the lifestyle of today’s successful men would justify the need to start planning at an early stage. Someone who wants employment, should learn how to ace a job interview, prepare for job tests, develop essential job skills and all necessary “I”s and “T”s that needs due diligence. It all boils down to one's perception of success. As Stephen Covey said, Begin with the end in mind.

The Last question addresses the problem of ‘Why one needs to succeed?’ (Efficiency of Resources) You need yourself most importantly. Your family needs you, so does your country, your friends need you to realize; the less privilege needs you. Your religion does too. The World entirely holds you in the high esteem and needs you to succeed outstandingly. If this drives you, while you have satisfied the other two, your success is imminently knocking because this serves as motivation to spur you to Success as Management Scientists would say, Motivation is the inner-drive that makes employees want to do more.

I will end this article with the saying of Vince Lombardi, he asserts; the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. Don’t be indifferent, be passionate about your dreams, commit yourself to your potential and you and I will meet at the zenith of our careers.

Bello Sobur Olamilekan.
BSc. Accounting
Graduate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant.
Graduate member of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountant.
Graduate member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered).
Audit trainee, Tutor Trainee (at one of the ICAN tuition houses), 
Keen Interest in Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Consultancy and Management.
Lover of Football and Video Games(Play Station precisely).

Monday, February 13, 2017


Related image

In varying degrees, all of us are degree holders with varying degrees.- 'Femi Awolesi

The number one thing the overwhelming majority of college students all over the world is seeking, is a degree. But in spite of this degree-seeking escapade, I'm quite convinced that all of us (even without the aquisition of this so-called degree)- with different colours, heights, languages, weights, cultures- are degree holders with varying degrees.

Every one of us has a bachelor's degree in what he or she was born to do, but only few people possess a master's degree in it. We all have natural talents, abilities and proclivities. 

While it is veritable that some people are aware of theirs, others will have to dig deep like one who's looking for his lost coin in the water. We are all gifted for something, we are all unique and our uniqueness should and must glorify God. 

Some people on waking up love to sing aloud, other people love to solve dispute. Few love to motivate. A number of people love to share the message of Jesus as they feel so great an intense desire to do so. 

Others love to give, give and give so that the next persons might receive, eat and live.‎ Few motivate. A few love to take charge.

Select few don't know what they're born to do(and as such, they end up living someone else's dream, thereby becoming a prototype or second to such). 

It's quite unfortunate that some, till now, live like a spectator watching a football match. Yet, they don't learn anything. 

As we age, the indicators allow us to have a mental picture of our destiny. Some, however, are not able to recognize their true selves, perhaps, as a result of pessimisms and criticisms which they take for a reality and in turn, they become ambassadors of mediocrity.

Someone said, 'God doesn't make junks'. Even though this is true, many have denigrated themselves to the height of a toothpick. What a pity!

T‎hey settled for less.

Quite a few of the bachelor's degree holders have a MASTERY of what they are born to do. Because upon realization of whatsit, they were wise to learn the skill, do the drill and satisfy their inner urge. They put into action what Jesus, the master Teacher of all time said: 

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hid in a field; when a man had found it, he hid it, and for joy thereof went and sold all that he had, and bought that field.

Prior to this time, they sought counsel amongst people- young and old- specially those who had gone ahead of them. In the end, they simply drew it out, for c‎ounsel in the heart of man, Solomon says, is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.

These people hold a master's degree. Unlike those who are satisfied with the initial degree who do not plow by the reason of the cold.

To stand out as masters of our gifting, we must not settle for less but rather, settle less. We must keep on keeping on. Since deep calls unto deep, we must dig deep to dip out the deep in deep. 

We were not born to be mediocre in this journey called life. God has created us champions, we mustn't die not winning.

A sector of the select few have got a PhD for themselves by not only teaching humanity with their gifts but teaching them the how-tos.

 They have solved a great deal of problems and have learnt that if they do not hoist their flags upon the hearts of others before their demise, no one would realize they were here. 

They are not self-centered like the man whom God called a fool. They have established a school or group so as to transmit the genius in them to others.

In the final analysis, we will not be asked what we have learned but what and how we have done this and that which we have been given.

Paul told Timothy, "stir up the gift of God that is in you". But the question I ask is: Will your gift bring about moral decadence in our changing, perturbing, challenging and decaying culture?

You want to sing music. What sort of songs do you want to breathe out into humanity? You want to shoot videos; what sort of videos occupy your thoughts? You want to go into fashion-designing; what kinda clothes do you want to make? 

See, if we refuse to use our tools for the right and essential purposes of God, we will only decay gradually, and be as a recluse abused through disuse. The words that hit my head now are: Things fall apart, (you, complete it).

As I wrap things up, I want to remind you that you are thoroughly beautiful; a masterpiece of divine architectural dexterity, created not to blend in, lend in, or end in mumbo-jumbos of everyday life but, to make a difference within and without. 

We all have been conferred a degree from above but it is up to us to go farther and not dabble our way through life, vacillating.

Remember, all are degree holders with varying degrees.

By Femi Awolesi


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Check Out the 6 Foods You Should Never Eat When Sick

In order to stay strong when down with a flu or illness, blow are some important types of foods to avoid so as not to get worse and relinquish yourself with the be able to recover quickly.

This article was written by Marygrace Taylor providing details on how you can avoid foods that can make you feel worse when sick. Here are six foods and beverages you should avoid when you’re sick so you can feel better faster.


When you should skip it: You have any type of illness, but especially a stomach bug.
Why it makes you feel worse: The caffeine in coffee is a diuretic, so it can make you pee a lot and leave you dehydrated.
That’s bad news when you’re battling a virus or other infection, since getting enough hydration helps your immune system fight more effectively, says Kristine Arthur, M.D., an internist at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California.
Caffeine is even worse when you’re dealing with vomiting or diarrhea, since both can cause you to lose fluid. Taking in extra caffeine on top of that will only make that dehydration worse. (Find out how drinking too much caffeine affects your body.)
Plus, caffeine can actually stimulate the muscles in your digestive tract and make your diarrhea more intense, Arthur says.


When you should skip it: You have a cough or sore throat.
Why it makes you feel worse: Orange juice’s tart acidity is usually refreshing. But when you have a cough or cold, it can hurt your throat.
“It contains citric acid, which irritates the lining of your already-inflamed throat,” says Taz Bhatia, M.D., professor of integrative medicine at Emory University and author of What Doctors Eat.
That means your throat will hurt more and take longer to heal.


When you should skip it: You have any type of illness, but especially a stomach bug.
Why it makes you feel worse: Eating refined sugar can temporarily suppress your white blood cells’ ability to fight off bacteria, says Arthur.
For a few hours after snacking on cookies, candy, or sugary cereal, your immune system is weaker.
As a result, it’s less efficient at fighting off the germs that are making you sick.
Refined sugar poses even more of a problem when you’re dealing with a stomach bug.
“Sugar tends to pull fluid out of the GI tract, which can lead to loose, watery stools and diarrhea,” Arthur says.


When to skip it: You have any type of illness, but especially a stomach bug.
Why it makes you feel worse: Like coffee, caffeinated sodas are dehydrating.
And they’re loaded with sugar that suppresses your immune system and messes with your GI tract, says Arthur.
If water just isn’t appealing, try a lower-sugar drink with rehydrating electrolytes—like a sports drink or coconut water, says Arthur.
Diet soda is off-limits, too.
“Many artificial sweeteners are large molecules, which can’t be broken down and digested well,” Arthur says. That can cause bloating, cramping, and even diarrhea.
In other words, it just makes whatever stomach symptoms you’re already experiencing even worse.


When to skip them: You have a cough or sore throat.
Why they make you feel worse: The abrasive texture of snacks like potato chips, granola, or even crispy toast will feel like sandpaper on your raw throat, Bhatia says.
And it doesn’t just feel lousy: The more you irritate your throat, the longer it’ll take to heal, too. So you might end up actually prolonging your misery.


When to skip it: You have a stomach bug.
Why it makes you feel worse: “Fatty foods take longer to move through the digestive system, which can make nausea worse and trigger acid reflux,” Bhatia says.
And because they also trigger muscle spasms in your intestinal tract, they can make diarrhea worse.
Save the burger and fries for when you’re feeling better.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Choosing Between Desirable Wants and Obvious Needs

Image result for making a choice
Choosing between ones immediate needs and desirable wants might be quite a tedious task especially among teenagers
By: Tosin Osunbanjo
Editors note: Choosing between one's immediate needs and a desirable wants sometimes might be very disturbing, sometimes it takes us sleepless nights to decide our needs in line with our little budget and we cant rule out sometimes that we make the most awkward of choices and it definitely hurts, I hope as you read this, you can finally start making smart choices -  Shojobi Ife.

''It said in life, the things that matters seem not important and the ones that are important do not seem to matter. How true can this be?''
This question was asked by a friend and it got me thinking, and so, I decided to put it forward to another friend of mine who gave me a little insight on it and finally led me to an answer that is a 'YES '.
Most times, people tend to prepare their scale of preference in such a way that our wants comes before our needs. Economist term 'scale of preference 'as an order of priority' and so, the wants supersedes the needs which at the end of the day leads to errors that can't be corrected or rather resentment or more still, can result in total loss.
Let’s take a look at this from four different perspectives. Say, spiritual, social, psychological and physical aspect.
Foremost, Spiritual
According to the scripture, the book of Mathew 6:33 says 'But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you '. As believers, we are supposed to seek our eternal life first and try to live rightly but then, most of us go after the things of the world, we allow ourselves to be controlled by our flesh forgetting that 'life is a marketplace, we have only come to purchase and we will definitely go back to whence we came from’.
People tend to enjoy the world at the detriment of their eternal life, only but few who understand seek the kingdom first. So, I enjoin us to live according to the word of God kindly, so we won't perish because it is also recorded that those who reject knowledge shall perish.
Social Perspective
Over the years, I have observed that most people only tend to show love and care to those around them, or even those who have more than enough of love and care. My thoughts, though, however, we tend to neglect those outside our circles or the less privileged and with all sincerity, these are the sets of people who needs all the care and love the most, at least enough for the time they can get a quality one.
For instance, orphans need more of our love and attention because aside from the ones privileged to be in some of the orphanage homes, many of them don't have any educational background neither do they have basic necessities of life (food, clothing and shelter). So, let's try to extend our love and care to those who need it and let's expand our acquaintance.
I think naturally human beings are made gullible and made wise through experience and that explains it all. Or then why will a young man in his age forgo to invest in his tomorrow just because he wants to ball today. Why?
Our cognitive experiences sharpen rationality in thoughts, and yeah you can argue that even with enough proven experiences, we all still make this mistake ones in a while. 
However, i opine that once we start thinking of that which matters and place them in esteem, then our tomorrow's problems will be solved from the mathematics of thoughts we made yesterday or now.
Lastly, the Physical Perspective
 In this aspect, 80 percent of us tend to place our wants over our needs. We always want to stay in trend and be in-line with what is happening around us most especially the youths. They want to wear expensive designer clothes or use trending gadgets that most times leave their pockets crying and often than not, they tend to forego the needs that really do matter to get their wants regardless of the present fact that this so called wants are insatiable.
 With the little explanation above, I believe I have been able to justify the answer to the question. Before I drop my pen, I will say to anyone reading this always to set our priorities in order of importance as life is all about making decisions.
I will like to say a big thank you to my friends, the one who sent the question and those who of them who took it out of their time to answer me when I forwarded the question to them, I wouldn't have thought of putting this into writing without you guys. God bless you

What do you think makes people forfeit there  wants in places of their needs?
Share with us via the comment box...


France Presidents Says Africa and France are Battling Same Threat

Image result for french presidentFrench President Francois Hollande said on Friday that those battling jihad in Africa and the Middle East were like France part of "the same fight" against extremism.

'It's the same fight'
Hollande spoke ahead of a summit with African leaders in Mali with the fight against extremists, the struggle to improve governance and the migrant crisis high on the agenda.
Mali had called on France four years ago to help force jihadist fighters out of key northern cities. To this day, 4 000 French troops remain in the country and across the Sahel region.
"It's the same fight, the same stakes," Hollande said while meeting troops in Gao, the fractious city in northern Mali that is home to a French military base.
"The terrorists who attack our land, who commit acts on our soil, are allied with those who are in the Levant, in Iraq and Syria, but here as well, in the Sahel," Hollande said.

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Earlier his foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault urged African nations to deal with the security threats they face but also to look at how development was progressing.
Ministers from at least 30 nations met in Mali's capital Bamako Friday in advance of the arrival of heads of state to the Africa-France summit on Saturday.
Many of the nations attending the gathering were once colonies of France, which in recent years has boosted its military involvement on the continent.
In a bid to help crush the jihadist threat, France has trained more than 20,000 African soldiers every year since 2013, according to a French diplomatic source.
By 2020 the number of French-trained troops is expected to reach 25,000 a year.
The training drive aims to minimise the need for direct military interventions in African conflicts, such as those launched in Mali and the Central African Republic in 2013.
However the situation in key nations such as Mali remains far from stable.
Burkina Faso's Foreign Minister Alpha Barry said the jihadist threat did not only impact security, but governance and the economy as well.
"Terrorist groups operate in several countries," Barry said. "If we want to attract investment... we have to work on peace and security for our nations."
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Democracy vs. security?
Heads of state and diplomats at the talks will also discuss a string of recent political crises in African nations.
Among them is The Gambia, where President Yahya Jammeh is seeking to stay in power after his December 1 election defeat, despite pressure from his African peers.
Another concern is unrest in Democratic Republic of Congo, where President Joseph Kabila's refusal to step down has sparked a political crisis.
Analysts however have been critical of the French government's failure to follow through on pledges to scale down alliances with strongman leaders.
Though Hollande had vowed to put an end to Africa-linked practices branded as neo-colonial, the country's involvement in the battle against jihadists has left his government deeply entrenched in the continent.

"The focus on security has made it necessary to maintain alliances with governments that don't necessarily have good human rights records," said researcher Philippe Hugon.
Hugon noted the examples of Chad, ruled by strongman Idriss Deby for nearly three decades, and other west African nations leading the fight against Boko Haram insurgents, but which are mired in corruption.
Migrant flow 
Leaders meeting in Bamako will also discuss the huge flow of migrants from Africa to Europe, a diplomatic source said.
While European nations have pledged to increase aid to Africa in hopes of stemming economic migration trends, France is expected to sharply up its own pledges at the summit.
A French diplomatic source said Paris is expected to increase its annual aid and loan commitments to African nations by one billion euros to five billion ($5.3bn) over the next three years.
While an EU-Turkey deal in place since March last year has largely capped the migrant influx into Greece, arrivals on Italy's shores of mainly African asylum seekers have spiked.



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