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Saturday, July 1, 2017

How To Detect and Take Good Care of Your Sick Kids This Season

Image result for sick black babyOne of the greatest responsibilities of a mom is taking care, and I mean taking a very good care of the family. Having a man beside you relieves the stress of having to take care of the kids alone. However, if you happen to be a single mom and you have to manage your time between work and your kids, then you might understand that taking care of a sick kid is a very tasking and tiring job to do.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Image result for anxiousnessAnxiousness is a day-to-day feeling and just like being happy, sad, loved and just about any feelings at that. A lot of people get tense when difficulties surface at home, work, and class or just about the time to make tough or pretty decisive decisions.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Image result for avocado
The Avocado fruit better known in some part of the world as the Alligator Pear or butter fruits is commonly cultivated in the Mediterranean climates. Apart from the fact that this fruit or veggie as some may have it, is seemingly a good recipe for weight losing patients, it also contains more health benefit than most fruit vegetables in and around the world. Avocado fruits are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants that serve as a great benefit for the human system.

Avocados at first glance are pebbled look-alike fruits with a creamy feel, one fascinating feature about it is that it is the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and it contains about 20 vitamins and minerals
What is contained in an Avocado Fruit

The Avocado fruits are pretty nutritious and consist a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Here are some of the most abundant nutrients, in a single 3.5 ounce (100 gram) serving:
Image result for avocado
The Avocado fruit helps yoy maintain a good sight
•    Vitamin K: 26% of the RDA.
•    Vitamin C: 17% of the RDA.
•    Vitamin E: 10% of the RDA.
•    Potassium: 14% of the RDA.
•    Vitamin B5: 14% of the RDA.
•    Vitamin B6: 13% of the RDA.
•    Folate: 20% of the RDA

Then it contains small amounts of Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, Vitamin A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin).

This is coming with 160 calories, 2 grams of protein and 15 grams of healthy fats. Although it contains 9 grams of carbs, 7 of those are fiber, so there are only 2 “net” carbs, making this a low-carb friendly plant food.

Avocados do not contain any cholesterol or sodium and are low in saturated fat. That doesn't matter, but this is one of the reasons they are favored by many “old school” experts who still believe these things are inherently harmful.

Related image
Avocado fruit also known as pear fruit in Nigeria
Since inception, it is a widely fair assumption that consuming diets that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables of all kinds may reduce the risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions. It has since been of benefit according to various findings that essentially plant-based food can help in the decrease of the risk of Obesity, Diabetes, heart diseases and extensively, it helps in promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy and lower weight. And one of such food is the Avocado-fruits

Avocado-Fruit for the Heart

According to reports, Avocado fruits are rich in a natural plant sterol called beta-sitosterol, and a regular consumption of this has been noticed to help maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Avocado-Fruit for Healthy Babies

The same folate in Avocado-fruits is also imperative for a healthy pregnancy, with adequate intake reducing the risk of miscarriage and neural tube defects. Recent research from McGill University also found a 30% higher incidence of a variety of congenital disabilities in baby mice conceived using sperm from mice with a folate deficiency compared to mice conceived using sperm from mice without a folate deficiency.

Avocado-fruits help to maintain excellent vision

Like a fruit that is filled with a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin, Avocado fruits contains this two phytochemicals that are especially centered on helping with the eyes tissues, where they provide antioxidant protection to help minimize damage, including those from ultraviolet light.
Avocado-Fruit Protect against Cancer
Related imageSufficient intake of folate which is contained in an Avocado-fruit has also shown some green-lights in protecting against colon, stomach, pancreatic and cervical cancers. Although the practice of this apparent reduction in risk is currently unknown, researchers believe that the presence of folate in the Avocado fruit protects against undesirable mutations in DNA and RNA during cell division.

Avocado-Fruit helps to Lower depression risk

Foods containing high levels of folate may help to decrease the possibility of depression as folate contributes to preventing the build-up of homocysteine, a substance that can impair circulation and delivery of nutrients to the brain. Excess homocysteine can also interfere with the production of the serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which regulate mood, sleep, and appetite.

Avocado-Fruit helps to improve digestion

Despite its creamy texture, an avocado is high in fiber, with approximately 6-7 grams per half fruit. Eating foods with natural fiber can help to prevent constipation, maintain a healthy digestive tract and lower the risk of colon cancer.

Avocado-Fruit helps to detoxification

Image result for avocadoAdequate fiber promotes regular bowel movements, which are crucial for the daily excretion of toxins through the bile and stool. Recent studies have shown that dietary fiber may also play a role in regulating the immune system and inflammation.

Avocado-Fruit helps protect against chronic heart diseases

According to the Department of Internal Medicine and Nutritional Sciences Program of the University of Kentucky, high fiber intakes are associated with significantly lower risks of developing coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and certain gastrointestinal diseases. 
Increased fiber intake has also been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and enhance weight loss for obese individuals.

In conclusion, the health benefits of the Avocado fruits extend to helping with people checking at managing their weight. The avocado fruit contains fat but not the harmful ones and can be trusted as a food to keep the body and soul healthy and well.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How Your Body Shape May Influence Your Disease Risk

Image result for body shape
You might want to ask yourself, can the shape of my body influence the rate of disease penetration? Yes it can. Many doctors and medical practitioners strongly hold this belief as a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that those with a genetic predisposition toward one particular body type actually had a higher risk of conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Image result for ramadan kareem
In the spirit of ramadan, lets discuss fasting and its health benefits.

Fasting refers to not taking either food, drink, or both by yourself with no force, for a particular period of time. It could be done partially for some certain kind of food or as totally in which no food or liquid is consumed for a day or a few days.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

100 Reasons Why You Should Stay Out Of Lagos

Lagos, City of Drones

Apparently I wrote that I will be giving you a hundred reasons why you need to stay out of Lagos. Yeah I mean it as much as I mean the truth that Lag0s is one of the best states you need to be in Nigeria. But then just like every other things in life. We have the very positive sides and the otherwise to every choice we make.

Somethings You Need To Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

on the left is a proper functioning human brain while on the right is one affected by Alzheimers
Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills,

Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Common Everyday Things That Are Destroying Your Teeth, Most Nigerians Are Guilty Of No. 1

We all want to be healthy but sometimes, our lifestyle and habits are doing more harm to us than good. Take, for example, our teeth. A lot of people hardly ever visit dentists and some people put things in their mouth that end up ruining their teeth. You should know these five things that destroy your teeth so that you can avoid them, or at least, cut down to a minimum.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Congo Ebola information leaflet
A man holds a Congolese Ministry of Health's information leaflet on Ebola virus in the Bandal area of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, on September 17, 2014. Previous outbreaks have been linked to eating infected bushmeat and unsafe burial practices.
A year after the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever in Africa, the virus has returned. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Saturday that an outbreak of Ebola in the far north of the country had been declared by Congo’s health minister.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Image result for cycling in lagos
Getting rid of that fancy car for a bicycle ride has been reported to halve your chances of a heart attack or dying from cancer.


Image result for walking down a stairs
Just after one might have had a bad night’s rest, most often than non, majority of us turn to caffeine for a quiet boost of energy. However, a new study has emmerged and it suggests that we may be better off taking a 10-minute walk up and down the stairs.


Matilda Obiajunwa, a graduate of creative arts from University of Lagos (UNILAG), is founder and Chief Projects Coordinator of Daivyan Cancer Foundation. In this interview, Obiajunwa talks about childhood cancer, using the experience of her three years six months old son, who survived kidney cancer, as case study. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Image result for fresh fruits
Want to lower the risk of diabetes? Well, a new study has showed that eating a bowl of fresh fruits daily may reduce the risk of developing the disease by 12 per cent.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Vanguard reports that Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State has said that the outbreak of Type C Cerebrospinal Meningitis in the country was a direct punishment from God to the people of Nigeria for their various sinful acts.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

SEE Reasons Why You Should Minimize your Garlic Intake

Image result for Ginger
Ginger is regarded as a flowering plant, which is native to China, and it’s considered to be one of the healthiest herbs. Its scientific name is Zingiber officinal and it’s a member of the family Zingiberaceae.
It is very high in nutrients and bioactive compounds, which mean it has a beneficial effect on the entire body, and it could be used in both, medicine and cooking.
Since it is especially effective in numerous ailments with the digestive system, it is considered to be “the cure for everything”. The high amounts of enzymes in its content are assisting the decomposing and digestion of food and detoxification of the body.
However, even though it is very useful in the case of various health issues and conditions, ginger is not recommended in these cases:

Blood disorders

Ginger boosts the blood flow and it stimulates circulation, so it is very beneficial in the case of diabetes, obesity, Raynaud’s disease or peripheral artery disease, but it needs to be avoided by those people who suffer from hemophilia.
Hemophilia is a genetic disorder when the clotting ability of the blood is reduced, which means that even a small bleeding injury could lead to death.
Therefore, ginger is able to neutralize the effects of the medications used in this case and could aggravate the situation and cause deadly hemorrhaging.

Certain types of medications

Those persons who take medications for high blood pressure or diabetes belong to the special risk group because ginger might change their effects on the body.

The combinations of ginger with insulin drugs, beta-blockers or anticoagulants can be extremely harmful. Namely, ginger is stimulating blood thinning and reduces the blood pressure, and these properties lower the effects of these medications.

Underweight people

In case you have to gain some weight, you should not consume ginger nor take supplements based on ginger as this root is high in fibers, raises the pH level of the stomach, and stimulates digestive enzymes.
Therefore, it leads to fat burning and it lowers the cravings for food, and it could also lead to weight loss, menstrual irregularities, poor muscle mass, and hair loss.


Ginger is rich in stimulants that support the muscle health and help digestion. However, its usage during pregnancy could lead to premature contractions and preterm labors.
Note that its use is especially forbidden in the last trimester of the pregnancy. Also, consider the fact that it inhibits the absorption of the fat- soluble vitamins and dietary iron.
Still, you can use it is small amounts as it effectively alleviates the morning sickness, just make sure to consult your doctor beforehand.

Ginger substitutes

In case you belong to some of the groups of people that were mentioned above, you can substitute ginger with cayenne pepper, sweet peppers, or red paprika.
Milka Raicevic, who is the world famous nutritionist, claims that the effects of the peppers are similar to those of the ginger. You can consume red paprika if you like spicy foods, or consume sweet peppers if you don’t. You can prepare cleaning drinks by adding them to lemonade.

Credits - Omogist

Saturday, February 18, 2017

LATEST DIY - Okra Water Cures Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol And Kidney Diseases. Here Is How To Prepare It At Home!!

Image result for Okro
The name okra is most often used in the UK, United States and the Philippines, with a variant pronunciation in Caribbean English and Nigeria as Okro. The plant and its seed pods are also known as “lady’s fingers”.
A cup is said to consist of raw okra has 30 calories, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 2 grams of protein, 7.6 grams carbohydrates, 0.1 grams of fat, 21 milligrams of vitamin C, around 80 micrograms of folate, and 60 milligrams of magnesium. This makes okra a nutrition hero and a very available valuable food when it comes to our wellness and health.
Whether you consume okra boiled, stewed, fried, or even in pickled form, you can reap the health benefits of this green vegetable any time of the year. It’s Alleviates Asthma, lowers cholesterol, boost immune system, prevent kidney diseases and most important Okra is an herb that is really effective in patients with diabetes. . It is proven that it can reduce the amount of glucose absorbed by the food through you gastrointestinal tract.
Here’s one simple recipe how you can use okra, to control your blood sugar level naturally: Take 2 fresh okra and cut their heads and tails. Put 2-3 cuts and dip them in a glass of water at night time. Drink that water 30 minutes before breakfast. It will control your sugar level.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Top 10 food that causes cancer; I bet you take no.5 and 7 daily

Image result for images cancer
You know the seriousness of cancer. You know how it derails its victims mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically. It causes stress in your own mind and body as well as in your relationships with friends and family. It can make it hard to do the things you’ve always done as a human being, a parent, or an employee.

There’s nothing in your daily existence that cancer doesn’t touch. It’s an exhausting villain to fight and it wipes you out in so many ways that are hard to explain to people who haven’t felt the impact of this horrific disease in their own lives.
  1. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs): The rapidly growing industry of genetically modified crops are infiltrating our food supply at an alarming rate. More than 90% of our corn and soy are now genetically modified. This fairly new practice is the source of many debates. 
  2. Microwave Popcorn: From the chemically-lined bag to the actual contents, microwave popcorn is at the center of lung cancer debates around the world. Not only are the kernels and oil likely Genetically modified (which the manufacturer does not have to disclose) unless organic, the fumes released from artificial butter flavoring contain diacetyl, which is toxic to humans. Make your own organic popcorn the old-fashioned way – it tastes better, doesn’t release toxic fumes, and is a healthier choice for you.
  3. Canned Goods: Most cans are lined with a product called bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been shown to genetically alter the brain cells of rats. Many plastic goods, thermal paper, water lines, and many dental composites also contain BPA. Stick to fresh or frozen vegetables that have no added ingredients for your family’s table! These are better for you and available year-round.
  4. Grilled Red Meat: While grilled food can taste delicious, scientists have discovered that preparing meats in this way – especially processed meats like hot dogs – releases a carcinogen called heterocyclic aromatic amines. When you grill red meat to the point of well-done, it changes the chemical and molecular structure of the meat. You’re better off baking, broiling, or preparing meat in a skillet than on the grill.
  5. Refined Sugar: The biggest cancer causing food (by far) is high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other refined sugars. Even brown sugar is highly refined white sugar with some of the removed molasses added back in for flavor and color. Refined sugars (and foods made with them) are the source of major insulin spikes and feed the growth of cancer cells. Since the majority of the sugar supply in the U.S. is made using genetically modified (GMO) sugar beets, a healthier option is organic honey, coconut sugar, or maple sugar. Now that oncologists are using diabetes medication to fight cancer cells, there’s no doubt (finally) that those mutated cancer cells love sugar.
  6. Salted, Pickled, and Smoked Foods: These products typically contain preservatives, such as nitrates, which are intended to prolong shelf life. The additives used in processed foods can accumulate in your body over time. Eventually, such toxins cause damage at the cellular level and lead to diseases like cancer. When smoked foods are cooked at high temperatures, the nitrates are converted to the much more dangerous nitrites.
  7. Soda and Carbonated Beverages: Sodas have been at the center of the health debate for two decades as a major cancer causing food. Filled with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), dyes, and a host of other chemicals, they are very bad for every aspect of your health. They provide zero nutritional value and rob your body of the nutrients you get from other foods. Adding “diet” to the label means you’re also likely consuming aspartame – which is no better than rat poison to human cells.
  8. White Flour: When flour is refined, all nutritional value is removed. Then it’s bleached with chlorine gas to make it more appealing to consumers. The glycemic index for white flour is very high – meaning it spikes your insulin levels without providing nutritional fuel. Carbohydrates are converted to sugars by your body, so excessive products that contain white flour can lead to increased insulin resistance. Simple sugars (like refined carbohydrates) are the preferred fuel source for cancer.
  9. Farmed Fish: Commercial fish farming involves raising an incredible number of fish (such as salmon), in a crowded environment. More than 60% of the salmon consumed in the United States comes from a farming operation where they are treated with antibiotics, pesticides, and other carcinogenic chemicals to try and control the bacterial, viral, and parasitic outbreaks that result from cramming so many fish in a small space. Farmed fish also don’t have as much omega-3 as wild salmon.
  10. Hydrogenated Oils: Vegetable oils are chemically extracted from their source, chemically treated, and more chemicals are added to change the smell and taste. They’re packed with unhealthy omega-6 fats (that Americans already consume way too much of) and have been proven to alter the structure of our cell membranes.
A word they say is enough for the wise eat healthy!

Mysterious Disease’ )Outbreak Kills 3 Nigerian Students, Land Others in Hospital

According to reports collected from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), three students of Government Arabic Boarding Secondary School in the Maradun area of Zamfara state, have been killed in an outbreak of a “mysterious” disease.
While other students had been admitted at the General Hospital, as ‘mysterious’ disease breaks out in Maradun, Zamfara State.
Speaking to a NAN correspondent on Wednesday, the state Commissioner for Education, Mukhtar Lugga, revealed that two other students had been admitted at the General Hospital, Maradun.

According to him, the disease was recorded last Monday and the state government swung into action by mobilizing a team of medical experts.
He said; “We established two emergency management centres, one in the school while the other one is at the Maradun General Hospital.
“We also established new hostels in the school to decongest the students to avoid further spread of the disease.
“We are waiting for the medical team to finish its work so as to know the cause of the outbreak, we cannot conclude now. But we are suspecting the outbreak to be gastroenteritis.”

FG frowns at claims of HIV/AIDS cure purportedly discovered by a professor

Image result for images of hiv/aids
The Federal Government has frowned at the claim by Professor Maduike Ezeibe, who claimed to have discovered a cure for HIV/AIDs.

Ezeibe, a researcher in Veterinary Medicine of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Abia State, claimed the drug, which was produced with “Aluminium Magnesium Silicate” has allegedly cured 10 persons living with HIV.

But the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, told State House reporters on Wednesday that the research was carried out without any valid ethical approval.

The minister said: “On the issue of HIV (cure claim), we are yet to get the final report from the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research.

“But what is clear is that those activities were carried out without a valid ethical approval. As you might be aware, nobody is allowed to carry out any expedient or research on human beings without an ethical approval.

“At the National Health Research Committees level, there is no evidence that this researcher sought and obtained ethical approval. But at the appropriate time, we will disclose the full report.”

Similarly, the National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA) had also refuted the claim by Ezeibe, saying that the claim for HIV/AIDS cure is not new.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

SHOCKING!!! - Doctors From India Extract Live Cockroach From Woman's Skull

Image result for cockroach
For the first time in history, ENT department doctors from Stanley Medical College Hospital found a live, breathing and kicking cockroach in a woman's head.
A 42-year-old Indian woman was distressed when doctors found out that a cockroach literally made a home inside her head. It started when she felt an intense crawling sensation in her right nostril just behind her eyes on Tuesday night. The living cockroach was found behind the eyes just near the nose

Selvi was a domestic worker, she assumed at first that she was just catching a cold. She was rushed to the closest local clinic by her son-in-law where medics flushed her nose and after that she was sent home.
According to Independent she was referred to a second hospital where doctors suspected she might be suffering from a nasal growth. The sensation literally did not subside until she came to the third hospital where a doctor recommended a scan. Finally the fourth hospital she visited had a specialist that explored her nasal passages with an endoscope.
On Wednesday an Ear, nose and throat specialist MN Shankar at Chennai's Stanley Medical College Hospital said he saw some tiny legs moving inside. The invasive roach had burrowed deep insider her nose, almost to the base of her skull. It was still alive after roughly 12 hours and didn't seem to want to come out.
Dr. Shankar in his words said "I looked further in and almost five centimeters from the tip of the nose I saw something unusual. I realized I was actually looking at the bottom of a cockroach,"
The specialist first tried a suction device but the insect clung to the tissues. The procedure took 45 minutes using a suction and forceps.
Zee News India reported Dr. Shankar managed to extract the cockroach from her skull. The cockroach was intact, still alive and kicking. Dr. Shankar in his three decades being a specialist said he hadn't seen anything like it. Quite weird.
If the cockroach died and was left inside, the woman would have developed an infection. It would have spread to her brain. However, the woman was absolutely fine, she just felt embarrassed she had a cockroach up her nose.


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