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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How Do You Really Know If You're Falling in Love?

Image result for am i in loveThere are no questions about if we find ourselves in the situation when we have to ask ourselves if we are in love with someone or its just infactuation. a feeling that springs up maybe because she is damn georgeous at first sight. That of course is attractive, especially if you happen to have seen her walk down the mall swinging her hair (even though artificial) and walking as confident as the first lady. That is definitely attractive.

Well if you are about to ask if I hold a believe in love at first sight, I wouldnt be giving you a concreate answer to that now. yeah, not just now.

Ok.... fast track

few weeks into chatting and calling that girl behind the smiles and the jellybeans in your tummy, and you begin to get curious and ask if really you are in love or it is just a normal felling...

iono, how would I. LOL!!!

Are you falling in love? How can you tell?

However, from recent research and studyies which is focused on heterosexual relationships, this questions might prove helpful you sort it out:

Are you suddenly doing new things?

Related imageWhen people fall in love, they often go all out beyond their normal range of activities and try those that their new partners favours, iit is just normal. You might find yourself trying new foods, watching new shows, or attempting new activities or trying to get along with some other thing you are not previously accustomed to. People who fall in love tend to report growth in the content and diversity of their own self-concepts (Aron, Paris, & Aron, 1995).

Have you been especially stressed lately?

As welcoming as falling in love might be, evidence links the experience with higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol (Marazziti & Canale, 2004). So yeah, should in case you have noticed that you’re anxious, tense, or just plain jittery, it might be a normal response to the strain of repeated social encounters with someone whose impression matters deeply to you. LOVE!!!

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Are you highly motivated to be with this person?

Transitioning from a casual relationship to falling in love may have a chemical underpinning. Evidence has shown that dopamine-rich areas of the brain are involved in the beginning stages of love (Fisher, Aron, & Brown, 2005); these areas are considered part of the brain’s “reward system” and serve as highly motivational. Once couples are “in love” for a while, the intensity of these emotions tends to decline and different areas of the brain, potentially more closely linked to attachment, become more active.

Does the person you’re falling for return your feelings?

If you’re a woman and you feel like you’re falling in love,you definitely will be interested in getting to know if that sepcial person is as much in love with you, or maybe there are chances that he likes you (Sanz Cruces et al., 2015).

Image result for am i in loveMaybe women are more apt to hold back their emotions until they believe they are returned, or maybe women are more successful at seducing partners. In either case, women who think they’re falling in love tend to have their feelings returned more often than men, making them more likely to find their feelings turn into relationships.

How intense are your emotions?

People high in attachment anxiety (i.e., they question their own self-worth in relationships) tend to experience a high degree of passion when romance is budding (Sanz Cruces et al., 2015). If that's not you, a lack of intense feeling isn’t necessarily a sign that Cupid hasn’t struck—not everyone experiences falling in love the same way. In fact, those who have avoidant attachment orientations tend to fall in love with much less intensity.

Do you fall in love frequently?

If falling in love is a feeling you feel frequently, you'll have less chance of missing the real thing—but more chance of heartache from mistaking attraction for something more. New evidence suggests that men fall in love more frequently than women (Sanz Cruces, Hawrylak, & Delegido, 2015). Researchers can explain this tendency from an evolutionary perspective, linking love to sex: Whereas women are likely to be more stringent in their partner criteria before declaring love, because their potential investment in an offspring is greater (e.g., pregnancy, childbirth), such emotions for men might promote reproduction and could therefore be considered evolutionarily advantageous.

Are you tempted to say, “I love you”?
A sure sign of romantic interest, some people are more hesitant to utter these three words than others. Although people might imagine that women are the first to utter it, though, research on heterosexual couples again indicates that it's men who are more apt to say “I love you” first (Harrison & Shortall, 2011). They also tend to fall in love faster.

Are you investing more in this person?
One hallmark of successful couples is investment—all the time, energy, emotions, etc. that people put into their relationships (Rusbult, 1980). People falling in love are likely increasing their investment in a person, linking their lives together in a way that might promote commitment and stability.

Falling in love is a uniquely intense period of time for anyone. But we need to sort out a lot of other questions during a falling-in-love phase: Beyond clear attraction, is this person someone who will support you, respect you, understand you, and be compassionate with you? And does this person share your values and priorities?

If you're lucky, putting in the time and effort during this initial period will pay off, and your mutual attraction can transition into a more stable (and less stressful) long-term relationship.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

100 Reasons Why You Should Stay Out Of Lagos

Lagos, City of Drones

Apparently I wrote that I will be giving you a hundred reasons why you need to stay out of Lagos. Yeah I mean it as much as I mean the truth that Lag0s is one of the best states you need to be in Nigeria. But then just like every other things in life. We have the very positive sides and the otherwise to every choice we make.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Good day, how have you been? Hope the hustle is getting interesting and encouraging? Just take a chill pill and believe in your sweat and God, it's surely going to make a whole lot of sense.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has opened up in an exclusive interview with Broadway TV ,about her crumbling marriage and allegations of domestic violence.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

“Any man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed. Mostly women who are beautiful aren’t romantic in bed, that is why any man who cheats on his wife, do so with ugly women,”

Monday, April 24, 2017

In times when failed marriages seem to be the order of the day seeing a photo like this is refreshing.According to the photographer, @olerephotography, they have been married for 53 years

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Image result for relationships
Down The Path
I remember starting the journey of life as just a fetus down to being a baby to being an infant to a teenager to youth and an adult. *whew* seems am about to start talking.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Taking A Chill Pill Before Saying Yes I Do - TOBBIE

Theplaceng presents to you one of our friends and partner as he will anchor us every Saturday night on issues that are related to Love, Relationships and Dating at large. He is a huge expert in this aspect, although yet unmarried, He's gotten all the experience as a PlayBoy, Lover and a possible husband prospects. Join us every Saturday night with #TOBBIE as he takes us on journeys of love and advices. Thanks - Editor

Ladies Come Over! Here Are 10 Things Your Man Should Never Make You Do, No Matter How much you love him

Image result for husbands and wife
You might think that you love your man so much, you’d do absolutely anything for him, but then again, there are also some things a man simply should never ask a woman to do for him.
Being in a relationship doesn't mean that you have to give up the right to be an individual, with a mind of your own, so find out where the line has to be drawn and read these ten things no man should ever ask a girl to do:

10. Force you to stay when you really want to leave

If you are really unhappy in a relationship, then you should end it. Don’t let a man force to you to stay, just because he doesn’t want it to end and, don’t let him make you stay through emotional blackmail either.

9. Have an abortion

Things happen and, if an unexpected pregnancy occurs, then the man must step up to the mark and take his responsibilities seriously.

He should never, under any circumstances, tell the woman to have an abortion. That is a very emotional decision that only the woman can make and then the man should be there to support her, whatever she decides.

8. Be more of a girl

Yes, some guys do still think that girls should know their place! Well, don’t stand for it.
If you are not the pretty pink, candy floss, stay at home type, then don’t be.
Get out there and do the things that you want to do, even if he does think that they are not ‘girly’ enough pastimes.

7. Stop seeing your friends:

You do need a life outside of a relationship and friends are an important part of that.

If he is trying to stop you from going out with your friends, then that’s a sign of his own insecurities or of his controlling nature and you shouldn’t be putting up with it.

6. Change who you are:

A man should not ask you to change who you are because, if you do, then it will only be pretence and you won’t be happy pretending to be someone else.

5. Have a baby before you are ready:

It’s your body and you will know when the time is right for you to have children.
Kids aren’t just accessories that go with a relationship, they are a huge, long term, commitment and both partners must be sure that they are ready for that.

4. Forget your dreams:

Whether its finishing college, going to university, having kids or following a career, a man should never ask to you give up your dreams for him.

You should be able to work together, so that you can both follow your dreams and share them together.

3. Have physical intimacy without protection:

Unless you are really settled in a long term relationship, then physical intimacy without a ‘protection’ is an obvious no-no and a man should never ask you to do it.

Some guys do still have a hang up about using a safety hat, but, if he has that little respect for you, then it should be telling you something more about this man.

2. Switch religions or beliefs:

Convert or go is not a thing that anyone should be told, because your beliefs are your own and they should not be up for negotiation.

If he can persuade you to modify your beliefs, through rational and logical debate, and you are comfortable with that, then that’s no problem. But, it should be your decision alone, no one else’s.

1. Stop seeing your family:

Relationships with the in-laws can often be fraught, but he doesn’t have the right to tell you to stop seeing your family, or to make you choose between them and him.

Your family were around way before him and they could be around long after too.

Thank God for my life...

Friday, February 24, 2017

Breaking: Akeredolu becomes official governor of Ondo state; takes oath of office

Image result for images of akeredolu taking oath of office
Ondo State now has a new governor, as Rotimi Akeredolu, a senior advocate of Nigeria, on Friday took the oath of office as the sixth democratically-elected governor of the state.

He replaced Olusegun Mimiko.

Earlier, Ajayi Agboola was sworn into office as deputy governor.

Leaders of the All Progressives Congress, including Bola Tinubu and Bisi Akande attended the event held in Akure, the state capital.

Mr. Tinubu’s attendance signaled a truce between him and the new governor after the controversy that trailed November’s gubernatorial elections.

Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, and Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, governor’s forum, also witnessed the transfer of power from the PDP to APC.

President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, and state governors of Ogun, Niger, Kogi, Sokoto and Oyo states were also all in attendance.

See photo:

Image result for images of akeredolu taking oath of office



Monday, February 20, 2017

Woman Wants Divorce - Claims Husband is Impotent

Image result for images of marital issues

A housewife, Mrs Omolara Adeyemi, On Monday prayed an Idi Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi, Ibadan, to dissolve her 11-year-old marriage on the grounds of her husband’s inability to impregnate her.
Omolara told the court that her husband, Moradeyo, refused to make enough effort to get her pregnant since they got married in 2006. She said that Moradeyo refused to take doctor’s advice on how he could overcome low sperm count and impregnate her. 

“In stead, he flirts around. He can spend weeks outside, abandoning me in the guise that he is engaged. “I pray the court to separate us so that I can try my luck elsewhere in a bid to get pregnant and have a child. 

“I cannot allow another man to sleep with me as long as I am still married to him,” she said Moradeyo, however, denied the allegations and told the court that he was not ready for divorce. 

He pleaded with the court to allow him and his wife to go home and resolve the matter amicably. The Court President, Chief Mukaila Balogun, advised the couple to involve their family members in the resolution. He adjourned the case to Feb. 27 for report of settlement.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WHAT IS THIS!!! Man Laments says Wife Wants Him to Lick Her Menstrual Flow

Image result for images of court proceedings on divorce in Nigeria

One Idongesit Etuk, on Tuesday sought the dissolution of his 12-year-old marriage at a Customary Court in Agege, Lagos State.

Etuk accused his wife, Blessing, of being demonic. According to him, his 40-year-old wife prefers him to ‘give her a head’ only when she is on her menstruation. 

Speaking before the president of the court, Mr. Phillips Williams, Etuk said, “My wife is demonic. For several years, she will insist that we have sex when she is having her monthly flow. 

“I didn’t have issues with that at first because she is my wife and I vowed to love her but things got out of hand when she will always insist that I give her a blow job. 

“Initially, I did not take her serious but she threatened to divorce me and take out two children along with her, if I don’t give her what she asks for.

“Please, I am tired of the union. If she is not in a secret cult, how can I suck her blood when I did not have any spiritual covenant with her?

“My wife is also abusive and arrogant. She lacks respect for my family,” the complainant added.

But the respondent, on her part, told the court to please ignore her husband’s plea.

She said, “I still love my husband and I cannot bear to leave without him.

“My children cannot leave without a father at such tender age.”

Blessing denied the allegation that she forces her husband to suck her menstrual blood.

According to her, “I do not force him. I asked him only once and when he disagreed, I did not bother him again.”

In his ruling, the president of the court held that the marriage could no longer stand as the complainant’s life is threatened.

Williams dissolved the marriage and asked the couple to go their separate ways.

“The respondent will have custody of the children and all expenses will be paid by the complainant who will have free access to the children,” the court president ruled.

Source: dailypost

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Girls don't Have a Clue About this!!! One Thing We Guys Like More Than X but Won't Tell You

Its no doubts that Women’s jaws would drop if they could listen in on my conversations with married men. Our discussions contradict just about every misconception wives utter about their husbands.
 Husbands don’t want to hurt. They don’t want to argue. They don’t want to control. And they definitely don’t “just want s*x”. These guys are desperate for her to know the truth. And they shed tears at the thought that their wife may never WANT to know the truth.

The Power in Her Pinky:

The truth about these men lies in the end of her pinky finger. In that finger is packed an unspeakable power many wives choose to ignore or have yet to discover. It’s so simple and so tender that men are afraid to even ask for it. We barely talk about it with each other! We don’t want to appear soft. We don’t want to risk a woman’s reaction to our weakness.

What is it?

It is revealing that the power of a delicate, skin-to-skin touch of feminine acceptance and approval is pretty important to guys...
When a woman calmly grazes the end of her pinky finger across any part of a man’s body and offers a verbal or non-verbal vote of confidence or support, his world changes at that instant.
It is so powerful we are often left speechless. Our throats and tear ducts begin to swell and we quietly indulge in the comforting reassurance of the moment. If we could package the word “love”, it would feel like this when the bottle was opened. Our “well-being meter” pegs out and our heart rate and breathing slows.
Every husband I know is dying to feel this. Simple, easy-peasy feminine acceptance and approval. Nothing else. Just…this.
A World of Men Speak About Pinky Power :
These are real examples of how men across the globe describe it. In every case I can hear their clenched voice of vulnerability trying to sound “strong” as they speak. Just for fun, try to imagine their accents as you read these.
Oklahoma: “She reached over during the movie and put her hand on my knee and looked at me and smiled and said ‘I’m happy you brought us here, thank you.’ ”

Alberta: “She slapped me on the b*tt and giggled and called me ‘stud’ “
UK: “She scratched the top of my head for about two minutes and didn’t say anything. It was awesome.”

Turkey: “She touched my elbow and whispered, ‘You’re such a good father and a sweet man, I love that about you.’ “

Jordan: “When I told her about my idea for a better vacation spot she grabbed my arm and said, ‘I f#cking love you!’ “

New Zealand: “She just reached across the car seat and scratched the back of my head softly as I drove. It’s intoxicating.”

Colorado: “She spooned her cold b*tt into me and said, ‘Oh baby you’re always so warm’ “ (okay, that one was mine)
Why Men Can’t Tell Women about Pinky Power
It’s simple. We think women will think it’s silly. It’s not “manly”. Too vulnerable.
Women might laugh at the notion that their words and touch could cause a lump in our throats. Even if we try to explain it, they might just roll their eyes along with a big “puh-lease!”
The most common reason husbands feel like they can’t talk about it is because their wives have already proven they aren’t interested or can’t handle it.
In her brilliant article, “I Am the Patriarchy”, Jonalyn Grace Fincher listed 17 shining examples of how women refuse to let men be vulnerable. The article continued the discussion Brene Brown started in her book, Daring Greatly, where she addresses male vulnerability.

“We ask men to be vulnerable, we beg them to let us in, and we plead with them to tell us when they’re afraid, but the truth is that most women can’t stomach it. In these moments when real vulnerability happens in men, most of us recoil with fear and that fear manifests as everything from disappointment to disgust. And men are very smart” (Brene Brown, Daring Greatly).
What most women don’t know is that just reading this list can make a grown man cry. These things happen on a daily basis for many husbands who don’t dare discuss them. Here is Jonalyn’s starter-kit list for women.
Believing my husband is substandard when I have to do manual labor due to his absence/illness/unavailability. e.g. snow shoveling.

Avoiding eye contact when he admits feeling overwhelmed.
Taking over when he seems to fumble.

Assuming his emotional absence (shut down) is normal and natural for men and refusing to pursue his feelings.

Showing embarrassment when he’s afraid.
Expecting him to shoulder the hardest work (emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually) without complaint.

Never asking him what he’s afraid of. Refusing to offer him the understanding and sympathy I offer my girlfriends when he’s overwhelmed.
Expecting him to tolerate more criticism than a woman.

Growing quickly impatient when he doesn’t demonstrate mastery over a project: from booking social events, to filing our taxes, to fixing the kitchen sink.

Becoming business-like and cold when he asks for help.
Knowing our girlfriend’s needs and wants more than we know our own husband’s.

Hiding his mistakes from our kids, as if they (like me) cannot handle him being vulnerable.

Expecting him to have more strength than I do.
Expecting him to shoulder more grunt-work.

Expecting him to “man-up” (whatever that means) when I want him to do something unpleasant.

Expecting him (when you’re both equally fire-arm trained) to inspect every scary sound in the house and calling him names (even in your head) when he shows hesitation.

What to do With This Information
For the Women: You have more personal influence and power in your relationship than you know. Your ability to inspire feelings of confidence and well-being in your man is available to you at all times – every minute of every day. What might you stop doing today and start doing tomorrow that could change his world in an instant? You have this secret power – why wouldn’t you use it?
For the Men: Admit it. You want pinky power. You love pinky power. Her touch of approval and acceptance is a gift you want more than x. If we’re honest, those are the feelings we seek through x, aren’t they? Don’t be ashamed of your needs and vulnerability. Stand proud in your manly desire for her pinky power. Explain it without apology or fear. Find out what HER version of pinky power is from you. Then apply generously.
This article was originally published at The Good Men Project.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A must read for all ladies!! Why every woman must treat her man like a kinga

If you are a woman and you are reading this, i appreciate you taking time to read this article whether you got here via mail, social media or search engine,
I'm glad you are here all the same, there are certain things about you as woman that i must let you know, you probably might have heard it before but then let me say it again, WOMAN you are a queen, a priceless precious beautiful creation of the most high God, let no one tell you anything otherwise, the above description of you is among the many reasons why you should treat your man like a king at all times (i know that may not be easy). 
Allow me to enlightening you to something you probably have not been aware of, men are like crude oil, like crude oil drawn from underneath the earth, men are downright 'crude', Bible says that man
was made from the dust of the ground, that is man was made from crude soil from the ground, but you Woman, you are like petrol, you were refined from crude oil, you are a refined creation and that is why woman always look different in appearance from the man, the Bible says and God formed the rib that he took out of the man, your level of refinement and value as a woman is such that, God had to create a man first from the dust then you from the man, isn't that wonderful?
I could give you a long list of reasons why you as a woman should treat your man like a king, but i will stick with that which I've described above, men will always do crude things, he was made from the soil of the earth but you are refined and that is why you must act differently, so your treating him like a king shouldn't be because he deserves it, because there would be times a man would do things that qualifies him to be treated like a wayward child and at those times treating him like a king will not even cross your mind but you must at all times even when he does not deserve it treat him like a king because you are a queen, queens act gracefully, queens are respectful and courteous, queens act in noble manners not because of what people do to them but because they are queens or is there any time you ever heard the queen of England was involved in a brawl or a scandal, so woman act that queen that you are, don't be brought down to the crude level of a man, you are refined and so should you act, regardless of any rubbish a man does.
The catch to all that has been said is this, woman, you are too priceless a creation to be found with an undeserving man, dont become like a gold ring in the snout of a pig, give yourself to man that knows your worth and deserves you and if peradventure you are already with a woman that you think does not deserve you, as long as you are not married to him yet, you have the chance of leaving him be and if you are already married to him, well he's now your project, a life time project at which you must not fail, keep at it Queen, that man needs you.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

France Presidents Says Africa and France are Battling Same Threat

Image result for french presidentFrench President Francois Hollande said on Friday that those battling jihad in Africa and the Middle East were like France part of "the same fight" against extremism.

'It's the same fight'
Hollande spoke ahead of a summit with African leaders in Mali with the fight against extremists, the struggle to improve governance and the migrant crisis high on the agenda.
Mali had called on France four years ago to help force jihadist fighters out of key northern cities. To this day, 4 000 French troops remain in the country and across the Sahel region.
"It's the same fight, the same stakes," Hollande said while meeting troops in Gao, the fractious city in northern Mali that is home to a French military base.
"The terrorists who attack our land, who commit acts on our soil, are allied with those who are in the Levant, in Iraq and Syria, but here as well, in the Sahel," Hollande said.

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Earlier his foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault urged African nations to deal with the security threats they face but also to look at how development was progressing.
Ministers from at least 30 nations met in Mali's capital Bamako Friday in advance of the arrival of heads of state to the Africa-France summit on Saturday.
Many of the nations attending the gathering were once colonies of France, which in recent years has boosted its military involvement on the continent.
In a bid to help crush the jihadist threat, France has trained more than 20,000 African soldiers every year since 2013, according to a French diplomatic source.
By 2020 the number of French-trained troops is expected to reach 25,000 a year.
The training drive aims to minimise the need for direct military interventions in African conflicts, such as those launched in Mali and the Central African Republic in 2013.
However the situation in key nations such as Mali remains far from stable.
Burkina Faso's Foreign Minister Alpha Barry said the jihadist threat did not only impact security, but governance and the economy as well.
"Terrorist groups operate in several countries," Barry said. "If we want to attract investment... we have to work on peace and security for our nations."
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Democracy vs. security?
Heads of state and diplomats at the talks will also discuss a string of recent political crises in African nations.
Among them is The Gambia, where President Yahya Jammeh is seeking to stay in power after his December 1 election defeat, despite pressure from his African peers.
Another concern is unrest in Democratic Republic of Congo, where President Joseph Kabila's refusal to step down has sparked a political crisis.
Analysts however have been critical of the French government's failure to follow through on pledges to scale down alliances with strongman leaders.
Though Hollande had vowed to put an end to Africa-linked practices branded as neo-colonial, the country's involvement in the battle against jihadists has left his government deeply entrenched in the continent.

"The focus on security has made it necessary to maintain alliances with governments that don't necessarily have good human rights records," said researcher Philippe Hugon.
Hugon noted the examples of Chad, ruled by strongman Idriss Deby for nearly three decades, and other west African nations leading the fight against Boko Haram insurgents, but which are mired in corruption.
Migrant flow 
Leaders meeting in Bamako will also discuss the huge flow of migrants from Africa to Europe, a diplomatic source said.
While European nations have pledged to increase aid to Africa in hopes of stemming economic migration trends, France is expected to sharply up its own pledges at the summit.
A French diplomatic source said Paris is expected to increase its annual aid and loan commitments to African nations by one billion euros to five billion ($5.3bn) over the next three years.
While an EU-Turkey deal in place since March last year has largely capped the migrant influx into Greece, arrivals on Italy's shores of mainly African asylum seekers have spiked.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Relationship Tips - How to Deal With Jealousy During Courtship

Image result for jealous partners
She's just too jealous... 
It happens in any relationship right? Insecurity can take over and then trust begins to lose it’s grip. Ever happened to you before? Thought so. Just how do you overcome insecurity when you’re courting someone or when you’re being courted?

Develop Yourself

n order to battle the lies of insecurity, you have to develop yourself. You have to know that you are able to handle a relationship not just in the mind but in your heart and attitude, in your finances, in your physical fitness, in every aspect of your life! When you have developed yourself as a person, (and I should say, as a Christian – in your relationship with God) then there can be no more room for the lies of insecurity to take over your mind.
I’m going to be blunt and painfully honest with you. Just think for a second: Would you be insecure with other guys who are courting her when you know you’re the better choice? I rest my case. Likewise with girls, would you be insecure with other girls around him when you know that you’re the better option?
And when you’ve been overlooked, would you have any regrets knowing that you’re the best you can be? All you can do is make the other person realize that you were the best of yourself during the time. Make sure that it won’t be your loss when you’re not the one chosen. After all, it’s God who will do the matchmaking but it’s you who will have the choice to make about who would have lost more between you and the other person.
Image result for jealous partners

Affirm yourself with the truth

Often we look for affirmation from people – which is important, but we also have to look for our affirmation from ourselves and from God. Know the truth because the truth will affirm you. You have to immerse yourself with His word – that you are His child and that He will help you grow if only you depend on Him and focus on Him. You can only get your real affirmation from God. People’s affirmation come and go, they say yes and no and often times we’re left confused. Affirmation from ourselves can vary and be influenced by what people say and by what you’re going through in life. But God’s affirmation will ALWAYS REMAIN THE SAME.
God will tell you how much you’re worth in His eyes. And it is important to know that before you start a relationship with anyone else –especially a romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

Don’t look at your status with the other person

There will always be times when we ask the other person what our status is. Are we on the same page? Are we scoring more points than the other competitors? But that’s not the point! Don’t look at your status with the other person because in the end, it won’t really matter! Look at your status with God.
What does God say about you? Are you good to go? How do we know our status with God? Through His word. It’s all laid out there – you just have to read it. Pursuing someone (I’m talking from a guy’s point of view because hey, I’m a guy) isn’t about the score – it’s about relationship. And if your relationship with God – who is all-loving, is not good, how much more do you think can you fare with a finite person who’s ability to love is limited by his or her humanity?
Looking at the score can only make you proud or make you miserable. Focus on your relationship with God and you’ll know if you are well-worth it and if you’re ready for a relationship.

Well i guess this is just my opinion and yeah, i am expecting yours... either ways, keep in mind that nothing is done without GOD or any supernatural being that you believe in...


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Does Good 5ex Guarantee Happiness? Find Out!!!

How much $ex makes people happiest? Is there a magic number of times per week the average couple should aim for to keep both partners happy in bed and out? Traditionally, therapists say $ex counts for about a quarter of the total happiness of a relationship.

 New studies reveal all sorts of interesting and contradictory evidence on how much $ex contributes to long-term relationship satisfaction. Here’s the latest on who is happiest doing what:

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Couples Who Have $ex Once A Week
The reality is, this is the category most people fit into. If forced to generalize about how often the average couple have $ex, once a week is probably the best estimate you are going to get far lower than the often banded about figure of 2.5 times a week.
The most recent reputable data on Britain’s bedtime habits reported most people have 5ex around five times a month. The good news is, there’s now research to prove weekly 5ex isn’t the failure lots of couples think it is. A sizeable US study done earlier this year of 2,400 married couples found although couples who had more 5ex said they were happier, the benefit leveled off at once a week.
Couples who had 5ex four or more times a week weren’t any happier than those who did it weekly. Why does this figure hit the jackpot? Because it’s a realistic goal. It allows you to find a time when both of you are feeling relaxed enough to become aroused but is often enough to stop the awful pressure couples feel when there’s been a 5ex drought.
The longer you go without 5ex, the more the pressure is on to have 5ex for longer next time but if you can’t find time for a quickie, how do you find time and energy for a two-hour marathon session that’s also got to be fantastic to make up for not having it for ages? 
Couples Who Have $ex Every Day
If you are under 25 or in the first throes of your relationship, you will put a mental tick beside this one and go back to finding out the latest on Kim and Kanye. But if you’re a long-term couple or older, the idea of daily 5ex will probably seem, well, unlikely. A few years ago, books like “365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy” grabbed the headlines, chronicling what happened when a long-term couple agreed to have sex every single day no excuses allowed.
The couple claimed at the end of their 5ex-fueled year, they felt happier, less angry and less stressed. Since then, hundreds of journalists and other couples have taken the challenge with varying success.

Daily 5ex is a big ask for most busy people and more 5ex isn’t necessarily a good thing. One study that asked couples having 5ex about six times a month to double the frequency had a disastrous effect on their 5ex lives. They enjoyed 5ex less and were in worse moods than those who stuck to their norm.

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Couples Who Have $ex Three To Four Times A Week
 A 2004 study found the more 5ex people had, the happier they felt. The book, The Normal Barsupports this finding. Published in 2013 and written by three, well-respected US scholars, it draws on thousands of surveys to find out what makes couples happy.
Three to four times a week was the perfect amount for prime levels of happiness, according to the authors. If you don’t have children, are in the peak of health, going through a great time in your relationship, highly 5exed and highly motivated, this could be your magic number.
Couples Who Don’t Have $ex - Ever
One in four couples over 50 don’t have any 5ex at all but far from complaining about it, the couples surveyed by Gransnet (634 users aged 51 to 58) said they felt extremely happy and satisfied in their 5exless relationships with only 65 per cent rating 5ex as important.
There’s an important caveat here: this holds true when both partners are happy not having 5ex, not when just one person decides to take 5ex off the table but if you have both had an honest conversation and decided it’s simply not something you value any longer, 5ex doesn’t appear to be the must have factor for a happy relationship that experts traditionally believed.
This can also be the case for couples under 50, who both have low or no 5exual drive, and are happy not to have it. Times readers may have read the excellent piece ‘Just good friends: can 5exless marriages really survive?” this weekend, complete with convincing first-hand testimonies from real-life couples whose relationships actually improved once they stopped having 5ex.

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Another well-respected US study also found the biggest predictor for overall happiness for couples was the relationship connection not 5ex. It’s still society’s view that couples who aren’t having 5ex are unhappy and clearly have problems - but that simply isn’t true. One of the main reasons why couples stop having 5ex isn’t because their relationship has gone sour or they don’t fancy their partners, it’s because they’re so close, the relationship has stopped being 5exual.
The closer you are, the more you describe yourself as ‘best friends’ or ‘soul mates’, the less likely you are to be turned on by your partner. Feeling like 5ex is usually our motivation for having 5ex but if you think of your partner more as a friend, your brain subconsciously takes them out of the ‘someone who I have 5ex with ‘ basket and puts them into the ‘someone I cuddle with’ category.
Novelty is what tricks the brain into producing the hormones it did at the start. If you’re happy with the brother/sister dynamic, fine. If you’re not, simply start by having 5ex once a week whether you feel like it or not. Change location to make yourself see your partner in a different light. Feed your fantasies. Be naughty; think edgy. Imagine someone else fancying them: a little bit of jealousy might feel uncomfortable but it does wonders for suddenly making you see your partner through someone else’s admiring eyes.
The only question you really need to answer is this: are you both happy with the amount of 5ex you’re having?
If the answer is yes, you’re doing just fine.


Friday, December 16, 2016

7 Reason You Should No Longer Stay With Him

reasons why marriages fail
When you’re in love, you can be blind to the many signals that you’re in a bad relationship. Most of the time, you try to overlook your partners fault even when you know deep in your heart that you should end the relationship and move on. 

No one is perfect, we know so any mild issues between you and your partner can be resolved. But, some flaws cannot be swept under the carpet or ignored. It could leave you damaged for life. Sometimes, it is difficult to accept that your boyfriend’s flaws are too much to handle and you keep deceiving yourself that he will get better. Months pass and he’s not getting better but worse.
There are certain behaviours you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship, no matter how much you’re in love. You shouldn’t allow yourself to become a victim. You shouldn’t subject yourself to abuse. If your boyfriend exhibits these behaviours, you need to take a bow before it’s too late.

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He abuses you emotionally or verbally:
He humiliates you, puts you down and makes fun of you in front of other people. He is constantly threatening, bullying, and criticizing you without caring how it makes you feel. He makes you feel like you need permission to make decisions or go out and the list goes on. This can destroy your self-esteem, causing you to be depressed and also give up on yourself. No one should make you feel like you’re worth nothing. The earlier you realize you deserve better and gather the courage to leave the relationship, the better for you.

He physically abuses you:
Many women have lost their lives, others have been deformed and many others are still living with the scars from an abusive relationship. Breaking may be more complicated than it seems but, for your sake, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. You shouldn’t be anybody’s punching bag. You deserve better. It’s time to stop rationalizing his behavior as “normal” and move on.

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He isolates you from your friends and family:
If he is trying to isolate you from your loved ones, you should be careful. Any man who tries to isolate you from the people who truly love and care about you should not be trusted. It’s either he knows that your friends and family will try to make you see good reasons why you should not be with him or point out those dangerous flaws of his and he doesn’t want that. So, he tries to keep you far away from them. You should not have to sever relationships with your loved ones because of your partner. Your boyfriend must recognize that you are a person outside of the relationship.

Impossibly high standards and unrealistic expectations:
Some boyfriends can be so delusional. They have the image of what they want their partner to be in their head and they expect you to be that way. They try to change you into something you’re not. You shouldn’t have to deal with someone who doesn’t allow you the luxury of being yourself. If you have to constantly keep pretending to be who you’re not and doing things you’re not comfortable with just to please your boyfriend then maybe, you shouldn’t be with him because when you get tired of pretending and start being you, there will be trouble.

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Extreme possessive, obsessive behavior:
When obsession is confused for love, relationships can become dangerous. At the beginning of the relationships, it’s natural for you to be the sole focus of your partner’s thoughts. You want to spend time together and are always thinking of each other when you’re not. It’s okay for him to be interested in your day-to-day activities but when it seems a little much, it may be cause for concern. If he becomes over-committed to knowing your whereabouts, who were you with, what time you went out, makes you feel guilty about going out, checks up on you excessively, he may be exhibiting overly-possessive behaviors and you may be putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Be with someone who shows you that necessary degree of respect. If you realize that your boyfriend doesn’t respect you at all, it’s time to step back and ask yourself whether or not you should remain in a relationship where you’re not shown any respect. Relationships aren’t always easy, and you and your partner won’t always get along but, should however, always respect each other.

He can never apologise:
If you’re boyfriend never apologises when he’s wrong, you need to be concerned. This may not seem like a big deal but goes to show that he thinks he’s superior in the relationship. If you’re wrong, you should be able to say you’re sorry, what’s the big deal. Sometimes, it’s hard to admit our mistakes and say sorry. But, a man who never apologises or sees any reason why he should apologise to a woman should be ‘feared’. It’s time to stop rationalizing certain behavior as “normal”. Learn how to recognize when its’ time to end the relationship and move on with your life before it’s too late.


Romantic "Man With Cancer Marries Fiancée Few Hours From Death"

Photo credit: Facebook
A man in his dying bed was requested of his last wish by a chaplain at Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. Raul “Tiny” Hinojosa, 33, said that he “wanted to marry her. I want her to be mine.”

According to reports from CNN, he was talking about his fiancée “Yvonne Lamas”, whom he has been with for 11 years, fiancée of nine. The hospital staffs were reported to have been moved by this request and had quickly arranged the wedding for the couple hours before Hinojosa died.
Hinojosa was said to have proposed to Yvonne years before he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
The lady, Lamas told CNN that Hinojosa was determined to give me the best fairytale wedding. "He tried saving up, but within that time he ended up getting diagnosed with the leukemia.” A fungal infection of his throat and lungs landed him back in the hospital in October, where he’d been ever since.
In the early hours of today, when Hinojosa made his request, another chaplain drove Lamas to the courthouse for a marriage license application, which the judged rushed to give response given the circumstances, the Amarillo Globe-News reports.
The hospital cafeteria staff began baking a cake and the gift shop made bouquets. Hospital workers hung white sheets in Hinojosa’s room to hide the monitors, and one of the staff members shed his suit so Hinojosa could wear it for his wedding.
A 19-minute video posted by a family member to Facebook shows critical care nurses forming an aisle for Yvonne to walk down. Also in the room were Lamas three children from a previous relationship who Hinojosa raised with her and the couple’s 9-year-old son.
According to the Globe-News, miraculously, no other patients in the unit needed a nurse during those 19 minutes. Hinojosa died just 36 hours later. CNN notes when Lamas signed his death certificate, it was also the first time she signed her new married name.



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